Bislim Canyon is one of the natural beauties of the Northeastern region, located only 5 km from Kumanovo. Though it is was little known to the public until recent years, the canyon has great potential for many different types of adventurers. With a wondrous variety of nature, caves, unique biodiversity and endemic species, and other attractions, Bislim Canyon attracts researchers, educational workers, extreme sport athletes, and also potential investors who all share the goal of further developing tourism in this region as a benefit of economic development.

The canyon itself is 7 km long and it is located between two large hills. According to historical findings, the name “Bislim” most likely derives from the medieval village that existed in the middle of the gorge and was displaced in the late 16th or 17th century during Turkish rule.

The deep and impressive canyon, numerous short but interesting caves and ravines, rich flora and fauna make Bislim а unique natural gorge in this part of Macedonia.


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