About Us


ELIPSA was registered in December 2012. According to the statute, the general goal of this association is to promote sustainable development, strengthening of democratic processes and development of human and material resources in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Ellipsa Core aims to achieve the following specific goals:
– Support to the development of institutional capacities at central and local level;
– Raising awareness among citizens about the use of sustainable practices in economic development;
– Sustainable use of human and natural resources;
– Support for the sustainable development of tourism;
– Provide integrated regional development in accordance with the principles of sustainable development

The Citizens’ Association Center for Sustainable Development – Ellipse is registered. To date, ELPsA CR has participated in several projects funded by various donors. In addition, CRP Elipsa has prepared many studies and strategic documents in the field of tourism and environment, and has also held several trainings in the field of tourism and the environment. With its experts, CRP Elipsa participated in the preparation of programs for development of the planning regions in the Republic of Macedonia in the areas of tourism, infrastructure and transport.


– Promotion of sustainable development, strengthening and development of democratic processes in the society;
– Development of human and material resources, encouraging, developing and supporting local, regional and national development initiatives;
– Raising awareness and achieving other interests and beliefs in accordance with the Constitution and the laws;
– Education of young people and the general population for ecology, protection and permanent use of natural resources, economy, science, culture and international understanding, art and humanity;
– Raising the public awareness of the young and the population in the democratic process in society and social responsibility, pluralism, democratic governance and international cooperation;
– Exchange of years of experience with EU countries;
– Affirmation of the model of environmentally healthy way of life, preparation and implementation of projects for strengthening and development of human and material resources;
– Research and analysis in settlements and municipalities in order to raise the social awareness of ecology, environment and a democratic society;
– Taking action to gain an accurate knowledge of international scientific achievements in agriculture, population and global ecology;
– Publication of magazines and other possible publications, books and expert publications on scientific, economic and legal research, education, agriculture, nature protection, protection, development of democratic processes and tourist propaganda for the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia;
– Cooperation with similar associations from other countries, international organizations, international cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe and other international relations with all countries on a world level;
– Organizing seminars, courses and practical training due to professional advancement of democratic processes in the society, agriculture, culture, information society, environment, etc. ;
– Organizing expert meetings, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, presentations of films and videos in order to advance the society as a whole;
– Encourage the participation of its members in meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences and similar events in the country or abroad;
– Learning, research and training for different target groups – related activities through which the Republic of Macedonia is approaching closer to the European Union in all areas;
– The association will actively cooperate not only with domestic institutions, but also with foreign institutions active in Macedonia in order to acquire new knowledge that is of interest to the members;

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