Bislim Gorge interesting for German and Czech kayak

Bislim Gorge interesting for German and Czech kayak

Kayakary from Germany and the Czech Republic more often visits the Bislim gorge and the Pchinja River.

They come organized, looking for exciting experiences and sports recreation, exploring the beauties of the Kumanovo region, and Macedonia.

Residents of the village of Szuplji Kamen say that some two months ago Pchinja was camping by Germans from Germany, who told us about the natural beauties of our region heard by Czech colleagues.

They were pleasantly surprised by the opportunities created by the nature for rafting, but were disappointed by the state that did not create conditions for exploiting the natural potential for tourist purposes.

The Bislim Gorge and the Pchinja River are on offer to visit Czech sports sportsmen in 2015, as part of an exciting tour entitled “Swim tour around Macedonia”. From then on, the Bislim gorge is also visited by a German kayak.

The foreigners spent and descended after the hot Pchinja, which is a real experience for all who are saved by excitement.

The increased interest in recreational contents and visits from foreign guests is a reason enough for the authorities to take seriously and invest in this place.

Citizens hope that the local self-government from Kumanovo will use the potential of the Bislim gorge not only to highlight the natural beauties for tourist purposes but also to promote kayaking as a sporting discipline that is interesting for the youth in Kumanovo.

The Bislim gorge is located 5 km from Kumanovo, along the course of the Pcinja River and it is 6.5 km long. Each is in capri and in some places there is a canyon. Offers excellent opportunities for tourism development due to the large number of caves, the diverse flora and fauna and extreme sports.

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