Promoted film about the beauties of the Bislim gorge

Promoted film about the beauties of the Bislim gorge

“Come, see, enjoy and talk about the beauties of Bislimska gorge” is the title of a documentary film that aims to present the beauties and potentials for the development of alternative tourism. The Blizlimska gorge, which extends over an area of ​​seven kilometers, is located along the Pchinja River, and is characterized by several caves, endemic species of plant and animal life. According to the organizers picnic, village, hunting and fishing tourism, sports climbing and alpinism, zip lines, paragliding, canoeing and bunks are only part of the potentials of the Bislim gorge.

– Otherwise, this region, as we have seen from the very video material that is highly professionally made, is where it is relatively unknown in Macedonia, maybe not in Kumanovo, but all those coming from other areas will be an excellent opportunity in such a way to promote the further development of this type of tourism and potential investors who can find an interest in the development of this Bislimska gorge, “said Petar Georgievski, president of the rural development network.

The Voice of the Village organization considers this place an opportunity for the economic development of small and medium-sized businesses, which can further increase the income of locals living in these areas.

– It is about potential that a study conducted by the Center for Northeastern Planning Region gives some parameters that it represents a place that will contribute to economic development in the rural areas. For example, to prepare a detailed urban plan, to encourage citizens to network and to somehow improve their capacities in accommodation facilities, to open restaurants and other types of catering facilities that will be an opportunity to attract of domestic and foreign tourists, said Elizabeta Cvetkovska, member of the Voice of the Village.

Otherwise, on the part of the gorge, information-tourist maps, pedestrian path, sightseeing, summer garden and fence have recently been placed.

The film, just like the information brochure, was prepared at the initiative of the Association of Citizens of the Local Action Group for Rural Development Voice of the Village and the Rural Development Center Bujrum, supported by the USAID for Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change, implemented by the Rural Development Network Republic of Macedonia.

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